Wednesday, March 05, 2008

teething bites!!

seriously, is that the saddest face you've ever seen??!!
when friend brooke told me last week that her little boy (2 weeks younger than owey) cut his first tooth i really felt bad for her. i mean really, isn't 4 months way too young to have to endure such torture?
to my surprise, i noticed last wednesday something VERY sharp in o's mouth. could it be??
i was actually relieved because he already had a tooth coming through but had not seemed to be fussy at all! "what a good boy!" i thought.
i thought wrong. oh so wrong.
this week has been quite a different story. he is miserable with a capital M! yesterday he cried for 4 hours! that is just not like my owey o. for the most part, he is a very happy baby as long as he sleeps and eats. now, not so much.
i mean just look at that little face!! and he looks at me like i'm the one causing all the pain and why can't i fix it!!??! oh i wish i could! we've tried tylenol, we've tried orajel, we've tried cold teethers (i've tried taking pictures - not so effective)... what more can a helpless mom do? to make it worse, he is not taking good naps (thank goodness he's still sleeping well at night - knock on wood) and so he is cranky all day long. poor guy! any experts out there to help a sister out?
or are you going to tell me what i dread - suck it up.... teething just bites.

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Tracie said...

poor kid! it lasts for the next two years. good luck. frozen corn and peas works for my babies.