Wednesday, March 12, 2008

brrr... wyoming!!!

we had to stock up on these (beanies):

to prepare for this (snow):

and should have stocked up more on this (sleep):

cuz it was a whirlwind of a weekend with a baby that didn't want to sleep!
so we're finally in recovery mode (even though owey totally got sick and i still feel like i haven't slept in days) so bring on the pictures!!! (and there are a LOT of them, be warned!)
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Tracie said...

it looks like a very fun and very exhausting weekend. i just love all your pictures.

Megan said...

He looks so adorable in the picture with the beanie. What a cute boy.

Madsen Family said...

Jess--I don't know where to begin! What fun, what fun. I LOVE surprising grandparents. I bet they loved it too. And I'm glad Owey got to experience some snow--even if he won't remember it. I also love all the pictures of you and your boy. So sweet. I just wish we could meet the little guy. And please tell me that Owey isn't biting you THERE. Yikes! I'd say weaning should come a lot sooner:) Good luck with that. Glad you're back to your sunny weather and able to recoup from your crazy trip! Get some sleep.