Saturday, August 29, 2009

the big one

this one turns the big 3-0 today.
can't believe he's mine all mine.
i am one lucky girl.
happy birthday loverly.
i am so grateful for you.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

summer summary (parte uno)

the first of our real summer adventures was bear lake with the erickson crew. everyone else was there for a week, but since clint had school and we were camping with 2 babies, we were only there for a long weekend.

at one point i contemplated staying there by myself with the boys while clint went back to school. after the first night i quickly threw that idea out the tent window.

owen was thrilled to be with cousins, aunts and uncles, and of course grandma and grandpa. but the real kicker was all the water and sand you could ever ask for.

we really only got to spend one day at the beach, but our poor beach-starved souls soaked up every second of it. so, it's not exactly san diego, but we'll take it!

henry was as good as ever. (thank you bless-ed calm baby!) and as long as someone was there to smile at him, he was happy as a clam.

do these two look like brothers?
owen quickly turned 10 shades darker, and henry... well, let's just say that this brown mama doesn't quite know what to do with a little white boy. lots of sunscreen, lots of shade... two things i am not very farmiliar with when it comes to beach-going.

by the end of the weekend we were bummed to leave the beach and the fam, but the tantrums told us it was time to hit the road and get a good night's sleep.

because this is how owen slept:

we were just grateful that he actually fell asleep! with some coaxing of course... and hey, we weren't about to disturb his peaceful slumber.

henry was a bit better off i think:

and just for proof that there was some parental supervision, i give you clint:

turns out we didn't get the sunblock on him in time.

notice there is no photographic evidence that i was there. because me in a bathingsuit? not exactly a kodak moment.

besides, this little guy is much cuter.

thanks grandma and grandpa!

we're baaa-aaack...

back from family vacation extraordinaire.
will be catching up on the old neglected blog soon. promise.