Thursday, February 28, 2008

diego dog.

poor little diego still hasn't quite gotten used to his new place in the family. he is getting used to owey, but seems to still be heartbroken about not being #1 anymore. we do still try to entertain him, but let's face it- he's just not nearly as cute or fun as our little man. here are some of our attempts to keep him happy and convince him not to run away from home. (anyone ever see lady and the tramp?)

dog beach a few weeks ago- if you've never been, it is a sight to see!! especially on the first warm day in february!! there were soo many dogs... let's just say the day ended when diego ended up in a bull mastif's mouth. yeah. funny thing is, he totally started it. little rascal.

we have a little "heat dish" in owey's room and if ever the door is open diego will sneak his way in there to cuddle up next to the warmth. i don't blame him! so toasty!

he finally got a much needed haircut the other day, and this was his best post-groom pose. ok, he is a pretty cute dog i guess.

and the lucky dog got to come with us to this beach (my favorite to take owey to because there is a park with grass right by the water - so all the glory of the beach with out the mess of a baby in the sand). diego was so happy to be included in the outing. and look at that view!!! this is why we live here!! (did i mention it is february and i totally got sunburnt that day?)

ok, and of course i had to include this one of owey at dog beach. he was sooo happy the whole time we were there - he just kept laughing and cooing completely entertained by all of the crazy doggies.


brooke said...

Our poor puppies! I wish Bella wasn't such a big wuss or we'd come down and go to dog beach with you guys. I would say we need to set up a baby/puppy play date but I can already tell you I'm not going to drive down with a baby AND a puppy.

Emily Gold said...

Your blog and pictures are so cute! Owen is adorable. A warm beach sounds so nice about now, but at least we've had a pretty mild winter in DC.

Julia said...

Both of your boys are so cute. What kind of dog is Diego? Does he shed? Max is gearing up for getting a dog in a year (I promised and he never forgets) so I'm trying to hunt down friendly, hypoallergenic varieties.

The Steele's said...

We have a dog too.. She is TOTALLY spoiled! In fact, I am a little worried how she will act when Jake and I do have kids. I guess we will see!

Carlie said...

Jess, I love your little header-banner thingy! Way cute!

Madsen Family said...

Well, Diego (and Owey, for that matter) you'd be hard pressed to find two better people to love you. Please don't run away, Diego! Also, I am once again jealous of BEACH days in Feb. My baby boy hasn't really seen much of the outside world b/c it is TOO cold to venture out and he is TOO little and would quite possibly turn into an icicle right on the SPOT! Loving all the pictures. Happy 5-month b-day, little O!

Lindsey said...

Your dog is sooo cute!!