Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the reason for the trip:

why head out to wyoming in the middle of winter? you ask...
to surprise grandpa! (clint's dad)
dave's birthday is tomorrow (happy birthday dave!) and we thought we would surprise him by showing up unexpectedly. he came home from work early on friday thinking he was heading out to salt lake with shelly and when he came home he found the house decorated with happy birthday signs, balloons, and grandkids yelling "surprise!" he was a little confused (since his birthday wasn't for another week) but he had no idea that clint, owey and i were waiting in the other room. we waited a minute and then walked out. clint said "happy birthday dad" and dave said "thanks" not realizing who had said it. when he turned and realized it was us, he about had a heart attack!! he was so excited and emotional and i think we got him pretty good. he was so happy to hold owey all weekend (even though the teething and traveling made him a little cranky) and just couldn't believe we were there.

the next day we surprised him again when his family all came out from utah to celebrate. grandma and grandpa davis, grandpa erickson, aunt kathy and her kids all joined in on the fun. (and food)

just look at all these sweets...

we hope you had a great weekend dave! we love you and are so grateful for all that you do for ALL of us! happy birthday!

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