Sunday, November 30, 2008


so, i didn't get around to an actual thanksgiving day post - but it is still november and there is definitely still mashed potatoes and gravy running through my veins, so - better late than never.
i have had a lot on my mind this thanksgiving - it all started with this beautiful post that sent me into a world of reflection. i think i am often guilty of ingratitude - which i know to be among the greatest sins. it's not that i try to be ungrateful, it's just that i usually tend to focus on what is going wrong in my life or what hasn't turned out according to plan. i have often wondered why i do this - do i just need attention? someone to feel sorry for me for my problems that (let's be honest) are usually pretty ridiculous? do i not know how to focus on the positive and the beautiful in my life? am i so full of pride that i can't even see the many blessings that envelop me every day?
but when i do take a moment to be grateful (which i honestly try to do at least once a day... a girl's gotta start somewhere!) - i am absolutely overwhelmed at how incredibly blessed i am and have been my whole life. of course there are the big things... my family, the gospel, my health, my freedom and my friends... but even the little things make my heart swell in thanksgiving and my eyes well up to overflowing... the protection on an icy road last night, the little house in utah that will become a home for the next few years, the unusually warm fall we've had here in rexburg... when i stop and consider how mindful of ME my Heavenly Father is, i am absolutely humbled and truly feel loved, blessed and happy.
what is the secret to being able to live like this every moment of everyday? how can i make thanksgiving an attitude and a daily opportunity instead of just one day a year full of turkey and pumpkin pie? why is it so easy to focus on what i lack instead of focusing on what is so obviously abundant in my life? these are questions i hope to someday have answers to, but i have a feeling it may take years of practice and prayer. what do you do to live a more grateful life?
i hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving and that we can all live with more gratitude in our lives.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my firstborn...

it seems that since i stopped doing the monthly updates on little owey i have taken way fewer pictures and not blogged nearly enough about how freaking cute he is. i know you are all DYING to know what he's been up to, so without further ado, the owey update... owen :

  • is talking like crazy (mostly jibberish, but some real words like bottle, bath, shoes, banana, dad, eyes, sauce... you know... the important things)
  • has given up on walking and gone straight to running. oh, and dancing. the boy loves to dance and it is the cutest thing ever. he's mastered quite a few different moves including the bounce, the stomp, the head bop, and the spin. he starts dancing every time he hears music - unless it's slow music - then he waves his arms like he is leading the music. Then, if the music is followed by applause then he claps too.
  • loves, loves, loves the movie cars. he would watch it all day long if i would let him. i do give in every so often to be able to finish a project, do the dishes, blog (yeah - it's totally on as we speak) or to trick him into cuddling with me.
  • loves talking on the phone. and he actually talks which i think is hilarious. most kids listen intently and stare at the phone, but he is sure to babble right back. come to think of it, he picks up just about anything electronic (and sometimes other random things), holds it to his ear and starts talking.
  • gets into everything! including kitchen drawers, boxes and baskets, etc. lately his favorite thing emptying out a toy basket, climbing inside of it, and reading his books while all snug inside. spaz.
  • is part italian. this boy loves his pasta and it is my favorite way to get some good vegetables in him that normally would gross him out. (what, you don't know about my secret sauce? sooooo good!)
  • is super social, but like his dad. he loves being around other people and gets so excited to go to play group and see his friends (we're talking about owen here, not clint) but he is an observer most of the time. he plays, but is mostly silent and hasn't quite figured out how to play with other kids. but he sure is happy to be around someone else besides boring old mom. most of the other kids moms are surprised to ever hear him talk (which is nuts since he never stops at home!) the reason i say that he's like his dad is that clint really enjoys being in social situations, but doesn't really seek them out and sometimes sits back and soaks it all in until he's really comfortable.
  • just can't seem to stay healthy. it seems that is the price that comes from having friends... we have had one cold after another around here, and now that things are looking better around here, we'll just keep our fingers crossed.
  • is a champion block-stacker. he surprised me and clint when he started stacking blocks on his own and i will often find little mini towers (some 5 blocks high!) all over the family room.
  • is starting to learn animal noises and body parts. so far he can growl like a tiger (so funny) and moo like a cow and successfully identifies eyes, nose, mouth and belly.
  • does the motions to "if you're happy and you know it" and "the wheels on the bus". my favorite is when the mama's on the bus go "shhh. shhh. shhh." so funny to see him stick his little finger up to his lips!
we are trying to teach him to say "love you" and "luke" (baby bro's name) but we're still working on it. we love our little boy sooo much and are soo grateful for his daily dose of cuteness.

these pictures are really old (like from 4th of july) but i just had to share... every time i look at them i can't help but laugh out loud. (seriously... click on it. ) that's my boy!

project linus update...

just checking in to see if everyone is still on board with project linus...
have you started on a blanket yet? if so, we would love to hear about it or see pictures. my progress has been slower than i'd hoped now that i've started on working on gifts for the family, but i am excited to make some headway the week of thanksgiving. and, if you don't feel like making a blanket (or don't have time) you could always pick up this little beauty for a little loved one from urban outfitters - all the proceeds go to project linus and it's only $25!
happy blanketing!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

um yeah... email me.

thanks for the free advice. you always know how to help a girl out.
now, those of you who offered recipes, email away - my inbox awaits (jessicamerickson@yahoo), as does my belly.
ok, one last bathroom question and then i'll leave you alone. does anyone have any tips for really tackling a fiberglass tub/shower surround without a scrub brush and some serious elbow grease? (i'm afraid my elbows are fresh out of grease.) nothing seems to do the trick unless i slave. last time i went lazy on the tub and just filled it up and dumped in a bunch of bleach and comet and hoped it would do something. yeah- kind of, but not really. (better than nothing, but there has to be a more effective solution.) ok. i promise no more solicitations. you guys are the greatest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

santa's workshop is officially open...

so, i know that christmas is like 45 days away, and that it is terribly uncharacteristic of me to get a head start on gift giving, but this week santa's workshop opened it's doors in the erickson household. (if only i had some elves to put to work...) usually i don't get much accomplished until december, but we will once again be moving our entire lives in december (not complaining - sooo glad to go to provo), so the goal is to be done by thanksgiving. and since we happen to be poor college students this year, i figured now is as good of a time as ever to brush up on some old talents and discover some new ones. so i've been busy, busy, busy working on several projects, and i must say - i am extremely pleased! in fact, i've been tempted to keep everything for myself, but that wouldn't exactly be in line with the christmas spirit now would it? i really wish i could post pictures of some of the things i've been working on, but that would totally spoil the surprise of christmas morning. i guess i'll just have to wait until then to show all of you what i've been up to. boys on my list - don't you worry. you will not be receiving crocheted neckties this year. i have yet to figure out how to make a good gift for boys. let me know if you have any great ideas .

picture from my sister's recipe blog - we had this soup this weekend... yummy!!
i am also quite proud of my self because i have taken my resolve to cook more often (after realizing while babysitting that i actually was capable of cooking a meal without getting sick) very seriously and we have had a home-cooked meal every night since. lately i'm on the hunt for some great soup recipes. with the weather getting ever colder (though still no snow on the ground!) i love to make a big batch of soup to have for lunch all week. any suggestions?
and lastly - this is where my homemaking skills completely fail me (and my family for that matter) - cleaning. not my strong suit, but there is nothing i despise more than cleaning the bathroom. (sorry for revealing my deepest darkest secrets!)

and although i know it's not gracious to use pregnancy as an excuse for everything - in the beginning it was the sick factor that made me dread cleaning the loo, and now it is just the belly in the way of everything that has pushed me to the point of seeking out your best advice. so, dear blog readers, HELP ME!!! please, please, oh please tell me all of your secrets to keeping your bathroom (i mean ALL of it - shower, tub, counters, toilet, the whole shebang) sparkly clean without wanting to die or vomit in the process!! do you use special cleaners that are just a-mazing and do it for you? do you make your husband do it? do you hate it as much as i do? or am i just a terrible wife/mom? and please don't tell me your housekeeper does it or that i just have to suck it up and go cinderella style- that might make me cry.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

today i'm feeling....

grateful for such loving friends and family (thanks for all the congrats and b-day well wishes! love you!)
nervous about the future of our country.
tired and wondering why about daylight savings (anyone else's kids waking up WAY too early?)
ready to tackle christmas projects.
humbled at the thought of 2 little ones running around here soon.
excited for more life changes in the next few months (provo, here we come!)

Monday, November 03, 2008

happy day big sis.

happy b-day to my favorite big sis.
you are such a gift to our family and i am so grateful you are my sister.

who else could i con into crazy things like this?

and who else would let me get away with this?

love you miq... open mouth and all.
happy birthday!