Monday, March 24, 2008


i'm back. sorry for the lapse in blogging. i wish i could say i was off on an exotic vacation or i won the lottery and just didn't have time with all the millions burning a whole in my pocket, but nay. tis not so. as you may know by now, i suffer from blog binging. you know, putting it off and putting it off and then trying to cram 5 million posts in all in one sitting? that's me. the problem is that i blog in my head. i find myself authoring a post each time i take a picture or something funny happens. and then, since i have already done it in my head, i forget to actually do it. so, i ask for your forgiveness, promise to be better, and here you have all the updates and gazillion pictures. and by the way, there will be no more binging this week as it is a week of exciting events and celebrations around here. you may just have to check back to know what i mean.

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