Monday, March 24, 2008

one of those days

last week i started to feel the effects of the "used-to-sleep-through-the-night-but-not-any-more-so-take-that-HA-HA!" baby in our house. i felt like a zombie (and still do, mind you) after not getting my 8 hours several days in a row. and then wednesday, was just one of those days.
it all started when amy picked me up to go visiting teaching. and i locked myself out of my own house.
how you ask? how could you possibly lock yourself out of your house? well, let me tell you. i am the expert afterall. first, lock the front door, and exit out the garage. then leave both house keys and garage clicker inside. third, shut the garage door and run under it hopping over the sensor so it doesn't stop halfway. lastly, realize what you have done when the door is inches for the ground and try to stop it with your foot to no avail. genius. hey- at least i didn't leave owey locked inside! so, amy was kind enough to take me up towards clint's work after vt-ing and we met up with the hubbies for lunch at costco. don't knock it. that pizza is pretty dang good for $1.89.
anyhow- hours later i was finally at home and ready to get started on my crockpot masterpiece for the relief society cooking group i was supposed to attend that night. creamed corn, yummy yummy. only one problem. i am a total idiot when i get no sleep (reference above anecdote for proof). in pulling down the crockpot (that i NEVER use) i was sure to be careful. i had owey strapped to me in the baby carrier and had visions of the giant metal contraption landing on his head. so, i was sure to be extra careful to take it down slowly. what i did not envision however was the lid flying over my head and crashing down onto the tile below. and oh did it crash. and shatter. and fly EVERYWHERE.
this is what was left of the lid:

now, correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems that a crockpot is a little pointless without a lid. and since that cooking group was specifically "crock pot cooking" i couldn't just make something else and forget about the whole mishap. so after sweeping up the floor 15,264 times (and we are still finding glass) i figured i had to improvise. i mean, afterall, that's what a good chef does, right? so, in the ingredients went, and i came up with a brilliant plan:

yes, layers and layers of saran wrap topped off by a skillet thinger-ma-jigger. so now you know- if your crockpot lid ever breaks, all is not lost. (just know you might find plastic melted to your beauty-ful crockpot afterwards. no biggy.)

so, does anyone know where i can find a crockpot lid?
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brooke said...

Aww Jess that stinks! Aaron dropped my crock pot this summer but the whole inside ceramic part shattered all over my kitchen! We tried to find a replacement but found it was almost as much just to buy a new crock pot (which we eventually did).

Oh and I hear you on the no sleep thing, since when was waking up 3 times a "good" night!?

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

Glad to know I am not the only 'Oroz that inherited the clutz gene (and now, as you know, Jules is the future of this blasted gene).2 points for creativity.;)