Saturday, June 06, 2009

sometimes i like utah.

though most days i'd rather be on the beach, sometimes a trip to the canyon leaves me grateful to live in such a beautiful place (at least for half of the year...)
a few weeks ago we decided to take a little hike (more like a casual stroll) up to bridal veil falls. it was a perfectly sunny day and i was just happy to spend the afternoon with my boys.

don't worry- we didn't leave henry behind... he was just too cozy to get in on the family photo:

owen and dad by the river... i am pretty sure it was the first time owey had ever seen a river - and he was about as fascinated by it as he is with everything else water - the beach, the pool, the bath, diego's water dish... you know.

i love this picture. the falls don't look that big until you see owey and clint down in the bottom right corner. owen would have been content to stay and play in that run-off all day!

and this is my favorite pic of the day:

give this boy a stick and let him run loose... the perfect recipe for one happy little guy!

on days like this, i can do utah... for now.


Mom said...

I miss you all so much... But I'm glad you can enjoy the beauty of the canyon... for now.

Melissa said...

The beaches are great, but those canyons are beautiful! It's so fun to have such great weather and be on an outing with your favorite people! :D

Proud mom of 7......... said...

I know how you feel. There are those days that the sky is so blue, the temperature is just right and actually think "hey this isn't so bad"...the next thought is (right now). This just isn't home :-(

Michelle said...

oh that last photo is priceless! I hear you. Poor Utah-- how can it ever compare to a beach? ;)