Tuesday, June 09, 2009

random randomness

ok, here are a bunch of random pictures that are totally out of order and not the greatest quality (we have such terrible lighting in our house!) but oh well. here you have it:

henry and his namesake (middle name that is). my dad came into town for a quick business trip and the kids were excited to see their papa.

owen feeding himself yogurt. i don't know why we ever even bother getting this kid dressed - we have to change him every time he eats!

owey's newest obsession: "sks" which means music in owenese. he loves rocking out to the tunes on my shuffle. the kid can dance!

these are from like 2 months ago, but i just had to throw them in there because i can't believe how big henry has gotten! don't mind the crazy face... he really does love grandma.

usually a very happy kid, but even when he's sad he is stinking cute. (notice the dimple!?!)

talking to grandpa

finally some pictures from henry's blessing. i am really bummed that we didn't get any of henry by himself in his sweet white outfit, but at least we got a few with the fam.

henry and mama. and t and e chowing in the background.

this is when henry was like 2 weeks old... do we all look a little sleep deprived, or is it just me?

owey loves to read to his baby brother.

peaceful little henry.

owey in a cage. too bad we can't keep him there. just kidding! he loves climbing into diego's cage but kind of freaks out when he can't figure how to get back out. i know the picture is really blurry, but i think it's hysterical.


Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

LOVE the pictures. We're in Palm Springs right now...wish you guys were here with us (Owey and Harrison would rule the kiddie pool!!) I especially love the picture of O with the headphones in, Harrison is also obsessed with Music right now and loves to wear my ear phones. He's especially keen on the Killers and the Fray. Today in the car I was searching for a channel here and it stopped on Rod Stewart and I kept searching and Harrison yelled, "music, music, music!!" He wanted me to go back to Rod Stewart, it was hilarious and scary at the same time : ) Love and miss you. I'll call when I get home!

Melissa said...

They just grow up too fast! Great pictures!

Mom said...

Such cute kids!!! I know, I'm biased but really!!! They are adorable

Lauren said...

I know I have said this before, but your family is so cute. Love the "random" pics. The one of Henry smiling at your Dad is so sweet. It was really good to see you!

amy said...

i love the random pics...gives us a taste of what's going on (big or small) in your daily lives. makes us miss you guys. ready to come to SD for a visit? we'd love to have our two little girls play with their boyfriends. :) we need to chat soon. take care!