Friday, June 12, 2009

do you speak owenese?

owey has been talking sooo much lately and even started stringing words together recently. but, you all know he is a professional jibber-jabberer, so it isn't always easy to figure out what he's talking about. he really has his own language - mostly baby talk with a real english word (or the remnants of one) every fifth word or so. i call it owenese.
any guesses?
1. a-pent
2. munch
3. whoaaa... tsa beeeg one!
4. hi unra!
5. iuuunt... dis.
6. ank-ooo
7. hungeee (or sometimes it turns into honkeeee)
8. teeef
9. careee n masksx
10. nigh... uv ooooo

he also has plenty of actual understandable words he's added to his repertoire lately too: ouch, mama (finally he calls me mama), monkey, blueberry, bum, home, mess, drink, milk, pig, birdie, big, blue, black, whoa! (he says this all the time), chips, all done, all gone, cookie, cake (see what i mean about the love for junk food?!), paper, help, blanket, and he recently picked up DON'T (and believe you me - he yells it - in all capitals) ... and many more... that's all i can think of right now.


Carlie said...

Did you see Owey on Tip Junkie?

Melissa said...

#4 has got to be Hi Henry, right?