Wednesday, June 10, 2009


p.s. i forget who and when, but someone asked about these collages? so super easy you are gonna kick yourself that you didn't know sooner. it's google's picture program, picassa. google it, download it, a super easy way to store your photos, do very basic edits, collages, text on photos, and even upload pictures directly to blogger. check it out.


Melissa said...

Did you do it on a Mac? It didn't work the same for me. Cute pics!

Michelle said...

Henry is growing! I love your boys together-- they are adorable!

xoxo, m

Mom said...

To quote my girls, "So Stinkin' Cute!"

Madsen Family said...

Henry looks like a mini-boy-Jess to me. So dang cute. Love the brothers. And thanks for the tip on collages. I'll have to give it a try (though I am far from computer savvy).