Saturday, June 07, 2008

running in rexburg

i am soooo glad that i started running months ago before the thought of moving to rexburg had ever even crossed our minds. (sidenote: isn't that crazy that a few months ago we hadn't even thought of this, and now here we are already? anyhow... back to the point)
the past 6 months or so, running has been a great outlet for me and pretty therapeutic. not that i really needed therapy for reals - but i think every one can use a little alone time on the open road. besides that, exercising does more for self-confidence and a productive life than anything else i've ever found.
i started running to get in shape and to have a hobby, but also with the intention of running the half marathon. it absolutely consumed me at times and i found myself loving something i used to dread. now that the big race is over and gone, i just can't quit. maybe if i had the beach calling my name or some friends or something i might be tempted to stray from the peace of the wind on my face, and the pound pound of the pavement, but now - here in rexburg - it is a lifeline.
believe me, it's not because i need quiet time, or alone time even. i get PLENTY of that these days. (well, maybe not quiet while owey is awake- but you know what i mean). and it's not to prove to myself that i can do it as it was many days during training. instead it is to fill that longing for something familiar, something refreshing, something that reminds me of the strength and determination that is within me on days when i am feeling weak. i have needed to feel powerful and purposeful. when you up and leave your comfort zone, there's got to be something comfortable (though up until now i would not have ever called something so phjysically demanding comfortable). and besides, i have to work off all that comfort food i've been indulging in somehow.
ironically, it has been a bit of a struggle for me to hit the road for a few reasons. i have no idea where i'm going for one, and rexburg is small enough i practically have to run circles around the city to get in a long run. also, did you know it's a little different to run 5000 feet than it is at sea level? no kidding. but worst of all, my knee has still been bothering me since the race. i still don't know what the deal is, but after a stop at the local big 5 to get a knee strap thing to see if that will ease the pain, i'm hoping all will be well tomorrow. funny thing is, i don't care. i have to run. no excuses.

Even with all the obstacles, i have had some of my most joyous runs since being here. i thought nothing could compare to running along the coast in san diego, and maybe still it's not quite the same, but i have fallen in love with the countryside here. and i'm not sure i would have felt the same way had i gotten to know it by car. i can run for miles and miles and not see a single car. the other day i saw 6 baby horses (foal?) on my run - and i can't tell you the smile i had on my face after that. have you ever seen an itty bitty baby horse up close? i hadn't. sooooo cute. ok. enough with the baby animals. i know.
anyhow- my point is, i am feeling really grateful that this "hobby" of mine has made me start to appreciate this little city more than i would have otherwise. and we all know - these days, i could use the therapy.

up next:
DamMarathon 10k
June 14th

Idaho Falls Rock and Roll (oxymoron?) Half-Marathon
August 2nd


Madsen Family said...

Jess--I've been meaning to comment for a while on all your updates. First, I'm glad you made it to ID in one piece. I've really been thinking of you and wondering how I would handle it if I were in your situation; not as well as you, I'm sure. I hope you're settling and I know in NO time you will make a dozen friends and be the life of the party....I'm glad you're still running and am jealous that you have the energy. I'm not sure I will ever have the energy to run again! Anyway, wanted you to know I was thinking of you and wishing you the best. Good luck!

Tracie said...

I still think you are crazy, but I am so happy that you have found something to help you with the transition. and blogging! I am loving all the posts!

Carlie said...

Jess, have I ever told you you are a very good writer? I love to read your posts! I'm glad you are still running. What's your schedule like? We don't have much going on this summer and I'd love to see you and meet baby Owey! Call me!

Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

wow those pictures are gorgeous! You have a real talent with the camera. I admire you so much for running it's a great endevour. I just started teaching a water aerobic class that is a lot of fun. One of the ladies in the ward volunteered her pool. Last time we had twenty women show up-it was great! Getting out and seeing God's wonderful creations is the best.

Amanda said...

Jess- You are amazing. The pictures are fantastic!! About your knee.. is the pain on the outside? front? inside? Typical "runners knee" is a tightening pain located (usually) on the outside/front part of the knee which is caused by inflamation of the tendons and fascia located in that area. A good stretch for that problem is called an IT band stretch (pilates- look it up). Before running do an active warm-up and as soon as you are done stretch and then ice-down. If the pain is on the inside or back of your knee it is probably a ligament issue. When we moved to Price I felt the same about running and about life. As I read this post I felt like I was reading a page out of my own mind. Thanks.