Sunday, June 29, 2008

into the woods

1 bored and begging wife
1 stir-crazy baby
1 homework heavy husband
1 crazy idea

55 min of driving
45 min of baby screaming
1 long, dusty, meadow-lined road

1 quiet campsite

1 brand-spanking new tent
2 hours blowing up a mattress
2 fearless and chatty chipmunks
2 rushing rivers

5,000,000,000 menacing mosquitos
1 warning of bears
many hours worrying about said bears
1 super-content-to-play-with-rocks-and-dirt little boy
1 blazing bonfire

4 sticky s'mores
1 tired, cranky baby
1 very long night
2 (maybe 3) hours of sleep
several frustrated camping neighbors
1 bears-surrounding-our-tent nightmare
1 middle-of-the-night diaper change
2 trips to the not-as-disgusting-as-i-feared bathroom
2 mosquito bites on the bottom of my foot?!?
4 mosquito bites on clint's face
0 mosquito bites on little owey (victory!)
1 gorgeous morning hike

hundreds of not-even-close-to-real-life pictures
1 beautiful reservoir
1 happy sling-riding baby

3 exhausted campers
55 min home
45 min of sleeping baby
48 hours of recovery

when can we do it again!!??


Carlie said...

I was waiting for the "Fun with the fam...priceless."

Cute. Sounds fun! Can't wait to see you guys (I am going to write this every comment I make until I DO see you!)!

Madsen Family said...

Jess, Love it, love it! You are so very brave. Josh is dying to go camping and I am just not sure I'm ready to brave it yet with little, is it worth it? You'll have to let me know. Love the pictures and Clint's hat. And of course, LOVE Owey!

Holly said...

That sounds like a LONG night!!! You are so good to venture out on a good campout with a 9 month old! Love all the pictures!
BTW...we changed our blog address to

Megan said...

2 brave parents
1 cute baby
juse 1 of many happy memories you're gonna have!

*I had forgotten how many beautiful places there are in Idaho.

Amanda said...

One cousin very impressed... Priceless! Love it Jess!! All that work may not seem worth it, but look at the memories you are making!! Your pictures are beautiful! Love it! Keep it coming!

amy said...

SO FUN!!!! This makes me bummed that we didn't go camping while you guys were still here in SD. We'll have to put it on the "to do list" for the future. It's a "must-do"!