Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a quizzle fo shizzle

in the spirit of clint going back to school tomorrow, i thought a quiz was in order. a little participation... just to make things all interactive and exciting around here. we'll see how well you know us and how well you know good ol' rexburg. multiple choice of course.

1. the best thing about rexburg is:

a. the small town feel (wide open spaces and beautiful scenery)
b. the locals (so entertaining!)
c. the weather (great in the summer)
d. being students again (how fun!)

2. the worst thing about rexburg (ask anyone) is:
a. the small town feel (no shopping, entertainment, beach, or anything else!)
b. the locals (umm... driver's ed?)
c. the weather (antarctica here we come)
d. being students again (aren't we a little old for this?)

3. i finally told clint "ok, i can do this" when:
a. i realized how close we were to yellowstone and good camping spots
b. i saw how beautifully green it was here and realized at least in the summer i wouldn't freeze
c. it only took 25 min to get to idaho falls (the closest target - duh.)
d. we drove past bajios (think cafe rio) and coldstone.

4. the best thing about our apartment is:

a. the price (don't even ask- you will die and be tempted to move here)
b. the amazing square footage
c. we live on the same street as the temple
d. drawers in the bathroom!

5. the average byu-i student:

a. looks 12
b. acts 12
c. is 12
d. all of the above

6. clint's current major is:
a. graphic design
b. chemistry
c. engineering
d. modern dance

7. our new ward is:
a. interesting
b. great!
c. full of more kids under the age of 2 than there are adults
d. interesting? (did i say that already?)

8. the best thing about living in 500 square feet less than our condo is:
a. everything is within arms reach
b. every inch is decorated
c. 500 square feet less to clean
d. owey never gets lost!

9. clint's favorite part about church on sunday was:

a. the guy talking about how he brought home a burro (as in donkey) and his wife didn't like it.
b. the bishopric member who looked just like the "family guy"
c. watching owey tackle other restless toddlers in the foyer
d. all of the above

10. walmart is:
a. the staff of life (whit??)
b. as good as it gets
c. white trash
d. better than nothing

come on... i dare you!


Carlie said...

All of the above? You are so cute and witty. I'm glad you are settled and have your computer up (that's the staff of life if you ask me!) Jeff will be arriving in Rexburg late tonight to go to Yellowstone tomorrow. Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you! Oh, by the way, the foot dr. thinks I have a stress fracture and I might need a hard cast if I can't stay off it. Ya right, like I can sit for even 5 minutes with 4 kids!

Lauren said...

I can't believe you are already in Idaho! I guess that's what I get for being such a bad friend and not calling you more. I can't wait to talk to you and find out about your fun adventures in Rexburg! :)

Emily Gold said...

That was one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. Especially since I think there's some truth to all the answers? Good luck with the unpacking...and everything else. It's going to be GREAT!!! :)

Tracie said...

They are all pretty good answers. Mine would be:b,b,d,a,d,d,d,c,a,b!
I am glad that you have such a great attitude about it.

Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

I believe the answer would be ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! You'll do great!

Mom said...

Love the pics. Looks like a beautiful place. You'll enjoy the mountains and small town. It's only temporary, so you can love it while it lasts. We miss you!

whitney said...

ya, i have since come to realize that walmart is NOT the staff of life... at least not in beautiful, sunny california. there are many more inexpensive shopping experiences to have that are much more pleasant (target for instance). maybe in rexburg, though, it will be the staff of life? you'll have to let us know. :)