Tuesday, June 17, 2008


happy 25th birthday mom!
we miss you so much and would do anything to be there and give you big sloppy birthday kisses!
we loooooooove you!!

p.s. happy b-day to you too keri!


Madsen Family said...

Jess--It's amazing that your mom is only 25 when you're 28:) I hate missing out on everyone's b-days now that we're so far away. It's no fun...Hope you're having fun in Rexburg. You'll have to drive to SLC the next time I'm in town so little Owey and Willy can meet!!!

James, Jessica & Harrison Snyder said...

Hey Jessica!
It's Jessica 2- isn't that how we use to distinguish the two of us? Then it quickly became J-Dub from field hockey, I think.
Anyway, ran across your blog when I was visiting Holly's and your family is so adorable! Hope you don't mind me peeking! Good to see you and your family are doing well!
Feel free to check my blog out, although I haven't been keeping it up to date lately! I just moved up to Sacramento earlier this year with my husband (whom I met and married in law school). And we both love it up here. Much more affordable than San Diego, but we'll be back there one day!
Jessica (Williams) Snyder