Friday, June 20, 2008


somehow we went from full blown winter (rain, hail, wind and snow) to full on summer (dry, dry, dry and dry) in a matter of seconds, i swear. i am still a little confused, but we are alive. no worries. and hey - the good news? the sun is out and that i will not complain about.
i guess the weather isn't the only thing that's dry around here... and thus, the lack of blogging. i promise i am trying to make life exciting, but there's just not that much happening around here folks. i hope you will forgive my boring-ness (shut-up, it's a word) and that you will pray for more exciting-ness (also a word) here in r-town. k, i'm off to go stare at the wall.


Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

Hey Jess, since you're SO bored, would you be up to a Hermana's Reunion? I was thinking we could maybe all meet up and visit sometime. What do you think?

Holly said...

How's the wall staring going? That made me laugh. I remember the weather being a little crazy out there. Atleast you have beautiful scenery, right?

Madsen Family said...

hey--we all have dry days...but I say you just jump on a plane and visit your pal, Jessy. Then we'll get real wet and have lots of fun!