Wednesday, June 25, 2008

9 months in... 9 months out... (well, sorta)

(though technically pregnancy is more than 9 months.... sneaky, sneaky...)
i can't believe it's already been 9 months since we welcomed our little guy to the world. these days, owey is my best friend and constant companion (poor kid) and never ceases to amaze. several times a day clint and i find ourselves commenting on what a crazy cool kid we have in our midst and we can't wait for the many more adventures.

what is he up to? you might ask?
  • walking 6 or 7 steps
  • talking up a storm (about who knows what!?)
  • hollering like an indian (moving his hand on and off his mouth while "talking") this is seriously soooo cute - he figured it out himself and now will copy us if we do it!
  • standing on his tiptoes to reach up onto the kitchen table, the desk, the bookshelf, you name it
  • standing on top of boxes, baskets, whatever he can find to be able to reach what he wants
  • eating anything and everything - favorites include pasta, avocados, mangoes, bananas, tomatoes, blueberries, cheerios and beans
  • loooooves playing outside on the grass, tries to eat rocks, dandelions, grass, whatever he can get his hands on
  • favorite toys include spatulas, ladles, the bathroom scale, his high chair, books
  • favorite book is "there's a wocket in my pocket" (dr. seuss of course)
  • loves jumping on the couch, practicing walking, taking baths, and swinging in the air, playing peek-a-boo
  • pretty much never sits still for a second
  • makes the goofiest faces (see above) when he's happy and laughing (and sometimes snorts through his nose)
  • hates getting his diaper changed and his face washed
  • sleeps like his mom did, butt in the air
  • loves jeopardy and wheel of fortune (unfortunately on at odd times of the day here in rexburg)
  • just this morning learned how to roll and throw a ball
  • is still cute as ever!!
hopefully he doesn't get bored of us anytime soon, 'cause we're not trading this one in!
we love you owey! we are so grateful you are part of our family!


amy said...

he is getting to be such a big boy! he looks so much more grown up in the month since we've seen you guys. I LOVE the look on his face in this picture. hilarious! tell him his girlfriend missed him. ;)

Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

Oh I miss that cute face!
I can't believe he's doing all those things.What they say is true- it all goes by so fast!
love you.

Carlie said...

Wow, he is so advanced! You've got a smarty on your hands. Non of my kids have really walked before 1 except Jess who is just starting at 11 months (must be the namesake)! Can't wait to see you!

Michelle said...

Walking? Are you serious? What a cutie! I loved having just one baby to completely devote my attention too. Ben and I still talk about those happy days.

Holly said...

He's already starting to walk??? Milestones are the greatest! Happy 9 months!!!

Madsen Family said...

Cute little Owey...they grow way too fast. I can't believe how many little teeth he has. YIKES! Happy 9 month, little O.

Carlie said...

So Sorry, just realized I sent the invite to the wrong email (I forgot the m). Hope you get it now!