Monday, April 13, 2009


happy easter!
we decided to hit up the orem easter egg hunt on saturday to feel a little festive. didn't realize it was going to rain (oops on the hoodie only for owey). didn't realize that owen had no idea what to do (thought he would see candy and go for it!) until we started singing the clean-up song (worked like a charm). didn't realize that every man woman and child in orem would be there as well (made for good people watching). didn't realize the "hunt" would only last about 2.2 minutes (how exactly can you call it a "hunt" when everything is plainly in sight?) didn't realize that there was another egg hunt across the street from our house until we got home. oops. still, we had a good time and owey was super excited about the one piece of candy he got! i was excited to get out of the house and to participate in the community fun.
what i did manage to realize, however, was that easter is so much more than colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. i am so grateful for the knowledge that i have of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for all that it implies. i hope i can always remember to celebrate that priceless gift.
a clip from my favorite conference talk:


Melissa said...

Isn't is strange when they don't know what to do? You're thinking, "I've known how to do this all my life. Isn't it just second nature?" Good for you getting out and participating in the fun events!

Annie said...

happy easter, Jess. That Owen just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Mom said...

This talk really touched me. And set to pictures and music only enhances the beautiful message. We are blessed to have modern prophets to teach and bless us, and an Older Brother who gave His all for us. Thanks for your reminder!