Wednesday, April 08, 2009


(another photo courtesy of auntie m)

five diapers changed before noon.
four hours of sleep (if i'm lucky).
three crazy weeks.
two amazing boys.
one tired (but happy) mama.

i promise i will update more soon. just trying to get my mind around being the mom of two!


amy said...

precious shot! i am sure you are doing a fabulous job...tired and all. isn't that just part of being a mom? i hope the recovery is going well. wish we could be there to hang-out, take owey to the park for a play date with audra & give henry some snuggles. take care of you!

Aaron & Jill said...

Absolutely amazing shot.

Melissa said...

That's a winner for a contest! Great photography. Your blog was way cute too. Next time, don't post such a fantastic piece of photography and we'll comment more on your post. Ha, ha! Just kidding.