Tuesday, April 21, 2009


looks like we have another curly-haired monster on our hands... love it!!


Mom said...

Grammy loves it, too!

Holly said...

He is so sweet Jess!!! Love the curls!

Megan said...

will you email me your contact info? I've lost it and can't find it! reednmegan@verizon.net

Lauren said...

Hey Jess! I can't believe Henry is 1 month already. He is so adorable. I just saw your pics on Michelle's blog and I can't believe how gorgeous they are! How did you get so lucky to have 2 amazing photogs take pictures of your family?? I am jealous. your family is just too cute and you look so happy!! I'll try to call you this week. Love ya!!

P.S. are you really already back in your jeans? It takes me a good 6 months. You look great!