Monday, February 04, 2008

julia turns 6

owey and i went up to the provosts last week to celebrate julia's birthday. it was so fun to spend the day with miq and her fam - it seems every time we have seen them in the last few months has been so rushed.

we had fun playing the wii, eating good food, and owey loved all the attention from grammy, auntie m, and his cousins.

i also had to get some pics of shortcake the dog. she is a cute puppy. and drew drew LOVES her.

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Mique said...

You had to throw me under the bus- didn't you. Nice UUUUUGLLLLYYYYYY pics of me. At least I have cute kids and a cute dog to make up for it. I'm so glad you came up- you made the day. Thanks for trekking all the way up! Love you. :)