Wednesday, February 13, 2008

long overdue...

a few weeks ago i got to go on a super fun (and much needed) girls night out with keri, brooke, and sharlie (3 mormons and a jew as keri likes to call it!). lucky us, keri managed to snag 4 tickets to the sold out garth brooks concert in LA. soooo fun! (look, i'm even wearing my big girl earrings!)

we headed out in the afternoon and picked brooke up in orange county before heading to dinner in huntington beach. it felt so strange to be away from owey for so long and to be in a restaurant with 2 hands all to myself! after dinner we made the trek up to the staples center in LA through a major rainstorm. since garth had added 4 more sold out concerts (2 friday and 3 saturday) we had to wait in the car for a while once we got there before we could go in. this was quite possibly the funniest part of the whole night... brooke and i both pumping in the car and a full on "girl talk" session made for quite the entertainment.
the concert was so awesome. i am not the hugest fan in the world, but garth was such a great entertainer and somehow i knew every song except one. he even brought out his wife, trisha yearwood to sing with him.
i loved that you could tell that he really loves doing what he does, and since he hasn't toured in like 10 years, he was practically giddy. i also love that all of the proceeds for all 5 concerts went to the southern california wildfire families. way cool.

after a wrong turn and somehow ending up in compton at 1 am, major torrential downpours in orange county, and very slow and cautious driving (because of the rain and the drooping eyelids), i didn't get home until about 2:45 am. i don't remember the last time i stayed up that late!! it was well worth it to have such a fun night out with my girls.
thanks girls! my only question is when can we do it again?

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brooke said...

That was SUCH a fun night, and it better not be too long until we do it again, after this tax season I am going to be in MAJOR need of a break, so I suggest we plan our next girls' weekend for April 15th! (or whatever weekend comes really close to it)