Monday, February 04, 2008

i'm all for arranged marriages...

owey sure misses his friend audra (they've been out of town for over a week!)
here are the last pictures i took of the two of them a few weeks ago. sooo funny!

looks to me like they've already got their roles pretty much figured out...

a: so today i was thinking. maybe i should try huggies instead of pampers. you know, maybe they'll just fit me better.
o: uh- huh.

a: i mean, i am gaining a little bit of weight, but i don't think it's noticeable... do you?
o: (pause, stare off into space so as to avoid the question)

a: oh great. i knew it. you think i'm fat don't you? is that what it is?
o: uh- what? i mean... no, i mean... whatever.

a: boo- hooo!!
o: dude, what did i say?

i laugh every time i see these!

(feel free to add your own captions... come on- it's fun!)


Tracie said...

you are funny!

amy said...

Love it, love it, love it!

Mique said...

quite possibly the cutest post ever.