Wednesday, November 07, 2007


so its time to play catch-up ( i just had visions of my 6th grade teacher Mrs. McFarland hanging ketchup bottles from the ceiling on catch-up day - so clever...) i know it has been a few weeks since i have posted and you all are dying to know where we've been. honestly, i don't even know. just getting used to life as a mom i guess! well, that's not entirely true i suppose - a few things have gone on in the life of the ericksons that are worth writing about.
here's what we've been up to:


a few weeks ago my whole family conspired to throw my sister mique a surprise party for the big 3-0.

here she is with bf chrissy, little drew-drew and my mom. mom did most of the work and miq was mostly surprised. all in all it was really fun to beat her at her own game (a few years ago miq managed to pull off two huge surprise parties in one summer - for my parents 50th b-days and for her hubby josh's 30th.) it was fun to see her on the other end. it was also good to see aunts and uncles and cousins that i haven't seen in awhile and for them to get a chance to meet owen. he was a hit!


halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays- i have been known for some pretty amazing costumes if i may say so myself, but this year - no such luck. i couldn't bear the thought of spending $50 to get a costume for o especially since we had no where to go. (sorry- i know you were looking forward to pics of him as a pumpkin or something - i failed you) plus, clint had class, and i unfortunately found out i had mastitits and my scary halloween was spent in pain and at the doctor's office. thanks to grammy for watching the babe while i got checked out - that was the first time i'd been away from owen for more than 5 minutes. it was so weird!! so- my halloween ended up with clint finding me eyes half open sprawled on the bed with a percocet hangover watching a show about tornados. what a good costume. definitely one to remember.


yes, i am also another year wiser... thanks to all who remembered and made it a great day. those of you who didn't - i see how it is. :)
i had actually really forgotten about my birthday this year since i have strangely not been thinking much about myself lately (funny how motherhood does that to you) so it was a pleasant surprise! i went shopping with mom (remind me not to try on any more clothes for a few more months and after a few more pounds have come off!) and then later went to dinner with the rest of the fam.
some highlights:

flowers from dad

a necklace from mom that i think i will wear everyday for the rest of forever

meeting up with miq and her girlfriends to pick up her homemade gift - an advent calendar (she has outdone herself once again!)

a weekend getaway with clint and owen

yeah- clint took us to our old stomping grounds for the weekend. thought we'd show little o where the magic all started. we spent the weekend hanging out in orange county and remembered why we loved huntington beach so much. if you look close enough at the pic you'll see how happy o was to be in the stroller. poor boy just loves to be held. anyhow- thanks clint! we loved it!

thanks to all friends and family that make these 28 years so worth celebrating!

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Tracie said...

jess- I am so sorry to hear about the mastitits. I had that with Tyson. Lots of heat. Take care.