Sunday, November 11, 2007

a few of our favorite things...

some things in life you just can't live without. others you just don't want to. here is a list of a few of my favorite things as of late:


this is what owen wore to church today and i can't get enough of it. i have always been a fan of argyle, but who knew it could be so dang cute? (don't you love that serious look on his face? and of course how he is practically pointing to the argyle as if he knew mom would have to blog about it!)


i love these things... as does owen. he is a binkie snob and won't take anything else. hey - fine with me. i think they're cute anyways!


i have always been a snuggler and hoped that baby o would be too. he sure is! can't get enough of it! mom's happy!

lamby pj's and softy blankets

i think these are the cutest pj's i've ever seen. thank goodness for hand-me-downs and good thing auntie m has such great taste! and i swear this blanket was made for me more than for any baby. i am a sucker for the super softy ones!


what's a california boy without his hoodie?

manna from heaven

so if you're wondering who the blonde lady is with the super white baby - she is just the lady advertising the miracle sling that has been an absolute LIFESAVER the past few weeks. owen LOVES to be held, and although i love to hold him, if i were to ever leave the house or get anything done, something had to give. per recommendation from the nurse that came to our house, i got this "ultimate baby wrap" and could not be happier with the purchase. this is how we survived 3 hours of church today without any crying. don't have any pictures of us in it yet - clint says i look like a kangaroo in a toga. personally, i could care less what it looks like! it's AMAZING!

we are having so much fun with our little man. i can't believe how quickly he is growing up!

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Holly said...

What a great post! Owen really is a little man!!! He's already getting sooooo big! I love the cutest pjs and the hoodie pictures! The "wrap" thing looks super comfy! And...I'm sure you look cuter than "a kangaroo in a toga"!