Thursday, November 29, 2007

new tricks...

a few days ago owen turned two months old - i meant to post that day, but never got around to it. i can't remember why - most likely i was doing laundry or watching "what not to wear" (love that show!) lame excuses, i know.
i can't believe how fast the past two months have flown, and i feel like i am kind of getting the hang of this mom thing. it has been so fun to watch this little guy grow up and learn new things - my favorite of which is SMILING! seriously, this kid is a lady killer! i must admit, since o is not what you might call an "easy" baby, i was a bit worried that i wasn't quite cut out for motherhood. but the total joy that fills my heart when that kid looks up at me with that HUGE grin makes every bloody-murder-scream absolutely 100% worth it. and now that he has learned to smile and recognizes my face and voice more the crying has subsided a lot and our little o is all in all a much happier kid. i am so excited to see more of his personality come out but i also just don't want him to get any bigger! i guess the trick is to savor every second, right?
so, here are some of the latest pics and tricks...

for whatever reason, lots of drool lately... so we've resorted to bibs.

diego has finally warmed up to owen - he tries to cuddle with him (at this point he is so attention deprived he'll cuddle with anyone!!)

our new bedtime ritual - o LOVES the bath and it is the perfect solution for not wanting to go to bed. sorry for the little boy parts - i forget how to use photoshop.

ok this is the craziest one. this kid is sooo strong. he has been holding his head up since he was born, but his latest thing is that he wants to sit and stand. he loves standing like this on clint's lap (unfortunately my short legs don't quite cut it). anyhow- is this nuts that he's doing this at 2 months?

love that grin!! (our camera doesn't focus very well for some reason)

seriously- how cute is this kid?

and just in case there was any doubt about what color eyes he has... just like mom.

i had to put in this picture because i think he looks sooo cute in this beanie.

we love our owey!!


Tracie said...

He really is a cute kid. mom tip: Wash cloths! Just toss it over and then snap the shot! No photoshopping needed!

Mique said...

CUTE PICS...but I do need to give you a Photoshop refresher to cover them parts. Owie will hate you someday if you leave that man part pic up.

Mique said...

Oops I spelled Owey wrong- sorry.