Thursday, October 25, 2007

happy one month baby owen!

i can't believe how fast the past month has gone by - but it's official - owen is one month old today. (am i supposed to kind of know what i'm doing by now or can i still stick by the "i'm a new mom" thing for a while longer?) it has been a crazy month indeed, but awesome. he had his one month check up today and all is well - he is now almost 10 lbs and 22 inches - in the 50th percentile in all areas. we love our little rookie! (clint and i are the ones who really need shirts that say "rookie" on them!)


Holly said...

I still say that I'm "new at this". It doesn't work so well after child #3! Work that statement while you still can!!!

The A-Team said...

Crazy that it has already been a month! The good news is that means Audra should be arriving any day now. ;) Owen is adorable. You are doing a fantastic job as a "new mom". I only hope to follow in your footsteps.

Holly said...

Hey...Just wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, after all these years, I still remember! Have a great day!