Friday, October 30, 2009

there was once a time when walmart was the staff of life.

i once remember a friend in college saying that walmart was the staff of life. i thought she was nuts. having grown up a target kind of girl, you may as well have tried to convince me that the earth was flat rather than try and tell me that walmart could be anything close to the staff of life.
and then, there was argentina.
i served a mission for a year and a half in mendoza, argentina and for the first 9 months of that mission i was in an area where there was a walmart. and rare commodities such as peanut butter, maple syrup, and even tortillas were only found at walmart and i was lucky enough to not have to go without. though in the 21 years of my life before my mission i had never cared for the place, there was something about those wide open aisles that felt like home.

(can you find me?)

the walmart in mendoza really has nothing to do with anything i experienced or learned in argentina, except for the fact that my desire to venture there weekly illustrates how completely upside down my world was at the time. everything was different, uncomfortable, hard, and new. yet, it was incredible, rewarding, happy, and life-changing. that year and a half in argentina has largely shaped me as a person. it is what i remember most about the first half of my twenties, even though now it seems like a dream. it is there that i learned that with change comes growth, with hardship comes joy, and that success usually lies just outside of your comfort zone. it is there that i learned the kind of wife and mother i want to be, the kind of man i want to marry, and the kind of instrument i want to be in god's hands.
it is there that i learned that walmart is not THAT bad. (don't get me wrong - would choose target over walmart any day of the week!)

did you know i lived in 2 more places that only had a walmart? any guesses?


Mom said...

Is that you on the first "step"? I'm glad you found a little bit of home so far away, but I have no regrets that I didn't introduce you to Walmart sooner. I do love a bargain, but.......

Becca's Blog said...

You're right next to me in the picture...the first person. That was such a great day.

I don't even think that people who weren't in our mission will ever understand the importance of that one little Walmart that was the only Walmart in our entire mission.

To me it was the Statue of Liberty in Argentina...a symbol of America...of maple syrup, tortillas and donuts (remember the dulce de leche filled ones?)...and of all we hold dear.

Long live Walmart! At least in Argentina.

Wow, this is a long comment. I think I should just write a little post of my own about Walmart.

Tracie said...

oh, oh, i know!! Good old Evanston!!!

The Alexanders said...

Ha-ha...I remember writing a post in our blog called "Thank youuuu Walmart", ohhh! it was heaven to go there once a week while in Mza.
Did you know that San Juan has a Walmart too? you feel VIP when you are in there!
I'm loving your blog(s)

whitney said...

haha. i guess i've moved up in the world because i definitely don't think walmart is the staff of life anymore. :) target is a much better choice.

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

You are on the first step and Evanston and Rexburg?! Love these posts!