Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so long, farewell

(what is it with the sound of music these days?)
soooo... sunday marked the first day of the last week of my twenties.
how's that for dramatic?
don't get me wrong, birthdays are fun and all, but there have been certain milestones that i have not exactly appreciated - you know, when it comes to growing up.
like when i cried at the byu freshman ward halloween dance when they coincidentally played dancing queen (only 17...) because i was just about to turn 18. and i didn't want to be an adult. and like when i stressed out on my 25th birthday when my parents kindly reminded me that at 25, they were already done having kids. and i wasn't even married yet. (ok, i was ALMOST engaged, but still. not words you like to hear when you see your youth slipping through your fingers and you are sure your womb is shriveling by the day.) and so 30?
haven't been too excited about that one either.
sure, by now, i am married, have a degree, have 2 beautiful boys, and an exciting business. but i remember when my mom turned 30. and i remember my dad joking about her being "over the hill." he had to explain what that meant to me, and it made sense at the time. "oh yeah- like her life is half over and it's all down hill from here..." you know. because she was my mom. and because i was 5. and she was 30. but me? no way.
i mean, i haven't even gotten started yet!!
in preparation for this life-altering birthday milestone (did i mention i'm feeling dramatic today?) i thought i would spend this week reminiscing on my twenties. don't say i didn't warn ya.
and to all of you "older and wiser"s - any advice to ward off a mid-life crisis?


Tiffany Fackrell said...

don't worry i freaked my last birthday when i turned 26, because that meant i was now officially closer to 30 then 20. then my sister so kindly reminded me i was going to be 27 in 2 months and well that panick attack came back! I still feel like i should be 21. Let's embrace 30 like it is the new 20...deal?!! Whatever age you are I agree we are just starting and you are gorgeous with a gorgeous family! I can't wait for your flashback to your 20's posts!

brooke said...

As someone MUCH older and wiser than you ;) I can tell you 30 is great! So what if I was NINE when my mom turned 30 and my kid was ONE. I realized I had EVERYTHING I wanted to have by the time I turned 30. An eternal marriage, beautiful children and a happy life. You have all those too. Here's to your NEXT 30 years!
love you!

Melissa said...

41 was worse. You're okay right now. I still think sometimes about what the sisters in their 70's and 80's think of me. I'm young compared to them. Just appreciate all that you are doing at your age. I got a pair of rollerblades for my 40th birthday. My girls are about to see me dance in show (did you check out the number on my blog??) and do a lead role in Spandex and moon boots. Hello. My mom NEVER did anything close at this age. I'm starting to feel my body doing different things this year. You are still 12 years younger than me. Enjoy! You have your health and beautiful skin w/out many wrinkles or saggies, so live it up. Thirty is BEAUTIFUL on you. Or will be. :D

amy said...

so far for me the big 3-0 has been fabulous! i do remember (very well that is) my parents in their 30s. so far that has been the only thing that has really made me feel old. you have such a beautiful life...almost 30 looks great on you! (and if you don't believe me check out those modeling shots you took a few weeks ago!!!) love you!

Lauren said...

embrace it, 30 is great!!! I love being older and wiser. I loved my twenties, but when I think about how much I have learned, I wouldn't go back. I love where I am at, and I'm sure you do to! It's a wonderful life. I am so excited for the reminiscing. It will be fun to go down memory lane with you. You forgot to mention how you liked to get white trash stuck in the utah gutters. that always made me laugh :) So much fun, and still years of MORE fun to go. Just a different kind of fun, a less selfish one. Love ya!