Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i once lived out of my car.

yep. you read that right.
actually, it probably should say "more than once, i've lived out of my car."

aaahhh, the life of a 20 year old college vagabond.

you want the story? well, ok.
i started working as an efy counselor in the summers when i was 18. the summer of my 2oth year i decided that it would be silly to pay rent all summer if i was going to be in the dorms all week. all i needed was somewhere to crash for the weekend. oh, and somewhere to store all of my junk. hence, i lived out of my car.
i usually crashed on brooke's couch (thanks brookie!) or whoever else would take me in, and since efy was 5 days of hyper teenage girls that didn't sleep, i use the term "crash" rather literally. man i used to be able to survive on so little sleep back when i was a spring chick.
so, the living out of the car thing would not have been that bad really, except that i happened to drive what i referred to as "white trash" (an old white jeep cherokee) that may or may not have started every time i wanted it to. which meant that my portable closet/house/ was not so portable. the battery died so often (and yes, i replaced it more than once, and the alternator, and...) that i was on a first name basis with the AAA tow truck guys. once i asked the guy what i should do and his response? classic: "honestly? drive it off a cliff." perfect.
anyhow, being an efy counselor was such an incredibly rewarding experience and so much fun - definitely one of the highlights of my early twenties. living out of my car? not so much. apparently i didn't learn my lesson because i did it not once, but twice. glutton for punishment i suppose. but it makes for a good story, right?

wish i had pics for all these things... who knows where they are.

tune in to find out:
1. how many roommates i had from age 20-29
2. how many times i moved from age 20-29
3. how many cars i drove from age 20-29
and so, so, so much more. (more than you care to know- i guarantee it!)

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brooke said...

Oh I loved you crashing on my couch that summer. But I hated having to pick you up all the time when your car broke down. ha ha! The hilarious thing is that I was JUST telling someone about your old white jeep because they have one and I told her the "drive it off the cliff" story. They are having the same sentiments about your jeep. I remember the time I dropped you off at the car place and then waited and waited for you to get to dinner but your car had died as soon as we left the car place! Memories.