Friday, October 30, 2009

a quizzle fo shizzle (again)

let's just see how well you know me, or how much of my twenties you were a part of.
take a guess, I dare you:

1. how many countries did i visit in my 20's?
2. what year did i graduate from byu?
3. how many roommates did i have?
4. how old was i when i got married?
5. how many cars did i drive in my 20's?
6. what was the longest i was in one place, and where was it?
7. how many times did i move?
8. how many full time jobs did i have?
9. how long did clint and i date?
10. how many states did i live in?

this may just give you an idea of how crazy the past ten years have been...


Mom said...

I love the photo! Brings back fun memories! When are we going back?

Melissa said...

I don't think I can answer any of those questions, but I love that photo! You went to South America on your mission, right? See, now I don't remember. You'll have to answer all those questions for us if no one else does! I want to know the answers!