Saturday, August 02, 2008

field trips

in the last week or so we've headed out on a few family field trips in pursuit of some excitement. last weekend started off with a little feeding of the ducks:

and then a trip to idaho falls:

and then yesterday we decided to head out to jackson, wyoming. because, why not? it's only an hour and a half away, and with summer coming quickly to a close (hard to believe!) we thought we'd better take advantage.

it was really fun, and although it was only a quick day trip, we really felt like we had just taken a mini-vacation. just what the doctor ordered.

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Holly said...

We love Jackson Hole! We went there almost 2 years ago and was my favorite family trip yet! I think cuz it was so last minute, and we had Damon's parents with us to watch the kiddos so we could do some whitewater rafting. The kids still talk about it:o) look amazing!!! I love your hair!