Thursday, August 14, 2008


once again, blog friends, thanks for your kind, encouraging, well-wishing, and sympathetic words. you're the best!
as for me, although i may be delusional, i am actually really excited about #2 and fairly calm about the whole thing. i haven't really been able to imagine what it will really be like once he/she is here, but i am excited for owey to have a sibling, and after all, i was off to a late start anyways... time to play catch-up, right? also, we were so worried it would take a while to get pregnant again, and i am just counting my blessings that that has not been the case.
what is on the forefront of my mind right now is how not to be the world's worst mom as i struggle to keep owey entertained while i want to do nothing but lie on the couch whining about the nausea (and watching the olympics of course. is everyone else as obsessed as i am?) anyhow- survival mode it is for the time being, and just looking forward to the months ahead where i don't feel like a total zombie (just a whale instead.)
and hopefully, for your sake, i will be able to fill this blog with more than pregnancy complaints. thanks again, friends. you always make me feel good.


Holly said...

Congrats Jess!!! I know how you feel with the nausea and fatigue! Seriously, it's the WORST! I hope you have friends that are helping you...especially with Owen, so you can sleep! Wish we lived closer so I could help ya! I guess you can look at the bright side...atleast you're craving something!'ll have a wonderful reward in the end:) Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!

Madsen Family said...

So don't worry about being a neglectful mama. I am feeling just fine and am ignoring my son entirely so that I can finish Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series....does that make me a bad mama???? Hope not! I feel that I am just teaching my son to learn to entertain himself at a young age. I REALLY hope you feel better soon and I REALLY hope you feel like driving up to Spokane next week when Megan is there visiting me--I don't think Rexburg is that far! See you soon...hee, hee!

Angelina said...

CONGRADULATIONS! 18 months apart is hard now, but when they are older they're best buddies and will play together. You'll do great, you're a great mamita. You took on a nuevita with minimal experience and did awesome. The Lord has tons of faith you in. Just remember to ask for help when you need it, those who love us want to help. I still like to have a hna's reunion this fall-are you up for it? And when?