Saturday, July 12, 2008

things that made me laugh yesterday

driving past businesses named:
1. AmericInn (say it fast like you're from Utah or Idaho)
2. 'Da Pineapple Grill
3. B'Dazzled (hair salon- not to be confused with the infamous rhinestone encrusting "Be Dazzler")
4. Hair She Comes (another hair salon)

i don't know why these are so funny to me, i guess you just have to live in Rexburg to truly appreciate the humor in spelling things the way you (incorrectly) pronounce them.

what else made me laugh? realizing that owey's favorite toys are:
1. a red clown nose (sans squeaker, thank goodness)
2. a pair of goggles
3. a children's tylenol bottle
4. an ice cream scooper
awesome. hey, the kid has imagination!

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Annie said...

Awesome. When we moved into our home last year, the previous owner had bedazzled many of the walls with plastic jewel-like bits. Yes, we spent much time scraping those darn things off.