Wednesday, July 23, 2008

in response

1)first of all, thank you for all the generous praise from my last post - totally flattered my ego, but i really do need to give credit where credit is due. do you know what any of that stuff would have turned out like if carlie was not right there doing most of it/showing me every step of the way? yeah. not pretty. so, while i appreciate you thinking i am some talented seamstress, i must disappoint. i am as amateur as they come. now that that's out of the way, i feel much better.
2) secondly, yes- a pattern. the diaper bag is from amy butler's nappy bag pattern. (i know- nappy sounds disgusting, but that is apparently the cool way to say "diaper") except for the fact that we were missing half of the pattern, it was very easy to follow (my first experience ever with a pattern) and you just gotta love amy butler. the pants are also from a pattern but i think it is just one carlie made up. leave it to carlie.
3) a reunion? absolutely! i can't even tell you how much i would love a reunion. so whenever any of you are within reasonable distance from me, i am there. (and my definition of reasonable distance is much looser than it ever was!) if all goes my way (which it rarely does, but a girl can dream, right?) we will be moving to provo in december/january and then all you utah residents/visitors will be mine, all mine!!!
4) one great thing all that sewing with carlie did for me was give me a bit more confidence. after all, i have a perfectly capable and qualified seam-ripper if things get out of hand. as such, i dabbled in a few other projects this week, sans carlie. so, don't be too hard on me! both are taken from martha stewart and were relatively easy.
this reversible purse (using carlie's scraps):

and this beaded necklace:

(sorry you can hardly see it)
honestly you guys... if i can do it, you can do it. trust me...


Mique (as in M-i-c-k-e-y) said...

YAY Jess- super duper cute. I love both projects. And I love the ones you did with Carlie. What do ya say? Labor Day Sewapalooza?

Carlie said...

I want to come Miq! WAY CUTE!!! The bag is darling. I think I'll have to try both! I could use a new necklace! Way to go girl! And count me in for a reunion...we can always use my parent's cabin if we need a place to go!

Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

Would you go to Provo for a reunion? We could also have a fun time in Vegas, but I don't know if anyone would come this far. When do you have some free time? Katie Forrest said she's love to and would talk to Becca, Corinne, and Janelle. Do you know any other hna's who would want to get together?