Friday, July 18, 2008

sweet retreat...

i decided to leave clint alone in his finals frenzy and headed off to happy valley for a few days with the babe. now, a couple of months ago, i hardly would have thought of provo/orem as a vacation, but it was like heaven to me! oh, how my perspective has changed! i was a little nervous about the drive - 4 hours, by myself with owey, but he was a rockstar in the car. i picked up a few tricks that you may want to try if you also have a car-hating kid:
1) fill up a basket with favorite toys and books and keep it in the passenger seat. when he gets bored with one toy or accidentally chucks it in one of his kung-fu flail moves, you can just hand him the next toy. and so on and so forth. make sure the basket is big enough and full of enough toys for this to happen approximately 5 million times.
2) stock up on crackers - any kind really, and throw caution to the wind. yes, handing crackers to one who is not exactly proficient in feeding himself in a cleanly manner might cause a bit of anxiety about your clean car, but it is soooo worth it. nothing a little suck from the vacuum can't fix at the end of the trip.
3) pavarotti. seriously. i must have been inspired to grab that pavarotti cd on my way out the door because it was an absolute miracle. when it was about time for owey to nap, i popped that baby in and after a few minutes of stunned silence, he was out like a light. a-mazing. did it 3 times and it worked like a charm. why didn't i think of this sooner??

anyhow... i stayed with super-mom and super good friend carlie and it felt like the good old days - a big ole' slumber party, giggles, popcorn (where were the hot tamales?) plus a few extra kids, but so much fun. just what the doctor ordered after a few friendless months in rexburg.
carlie promised to teach me how to sew, and sew we did... probably more than i ever have in my entire life. i think carlie's goal may have been to get me addicted, and i believe she won! i woke up early every morning unable to go back to sleep thinking about all the projects we were working on. (i know, i'm pathetic!) since her house is full of the cutest and most amazing supplies ever, i had all the creative supplies i could ever want, and a master teacher right at my fingertips.

by the end of the trip we had made the cutest diaper bag for me,
2 pairs of pants for owey

and a skirt for carlie's daughter halle.
owey had soooo much fun with carlie's cute kids all week, and although we both missed dad a lot (this is the longest either of us had ever been away from clint), we managed to have a great time.

(carlie's cute kids)
we also got to visit some aunts and uncles and cousins (here and here) and it was great to catch up and for everyone to meet little o. we even got lucky and met up with our long lost CA friends and had a little boyfriend/girlfriend reunion for owey and audra. so fun(yes, i got to crash a wedding!)

anyhow, we are back and sort of in denial that all these friends and family don't live down the street. what i wouldn't give to live in provo again. never thought i'd say that, did ya?


Michelle said...

fun, fun, fun! Sewing is such a fantastic skill-- I now regret spacing out during home-ec.

I love your blog. It feels like a conversation with a friend every time I read it(a much younger, hipper, cooler friend).

xoxo, m

Carlie said...

I'm glad to see you speek so highly of UT! I'm glad you had fun and I hope you come back very soon!!!

Holly said...

CUTE BAG!!! I really want to get into sewing and love the bag/apron trend that's going on! Did you use a pattern? Too bad we didn't run into you at Maceys or around town! Maybe next time:) Glad you made it back safe and that you (as Carlie said) are speaking highly of Utah!!!

Lauren said...

What a Blast!! Next time I'm in Utah you'll have to come down again so we can all party- Hope you don't mind me inviting her Carlie :) I miss you girls! Glad you got out of Rexburg and had a little fun. Love ya!

brooke said...

I am so glad you got a well deserved "vaca". Now that you are such a seamstress I expect you to make ME one of those bags and Zach some of those SUPER cute pants!

Amanda said...

So talented!! Good to have you back in Utah! I knew you missed it! ;) next think you know, you are going to have a crazy urge to visit us in Helper, Utah. Wink Wink.

Andrae said...

What a great bag!! I wish I was talented like that. That bag does make a person want to sew!

Madsen Family said...

Jess, I,too, want a bag and some CUTE pants for my baby boy. And I, too, want a REUNION with my gal pals next time I'm in Utah. We're planning to go sometime in the winter (Jan or Feb) for a ski trip. Let's get some reunion talk going on..........

Julia said...

LOVE the bag ... to second Holly's comment ... did you use a pattern? A woman in my ward has one like this that I've been eyeing and it would be fun to make one.