Friday, July 25, 2008


ten things i love about owey at ten months:

10. his determination
9. his sense of adventure and fearlessness (he is now walking across the room on his own!)
8. the way he gets the hiccups every time he has a good laugh
7. that killer smile that is sooo contagious!
6. how much he looooves being around other people, especially kids
5. how excited he gets about silly things like bananas for breakfast
4. how much he loves it when dad comes home and bolts for the door with the biggest grin ever
3. that he is letting me cuddle him more and will sometimes just sit on my lap and chill (a big accomplishment for this little mover)
2. his serious and contemplative side (see above) - he is always trying to figure things out
1. he is mine! i love seeing pieces of both me and clint in him as he grows up.

love you little o!

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Madsen Family said...

Yeah for Owey!!! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I'm not letting Will get any older. I don't know how, but I will not allow it! I LOVE the picture of Owen. You are quite the photographer, my friend.