Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we love blue lily photography!!

remember this? well, we finally got the chance to take wendy from blue lily photography up on her free session prize and we are so thrilled with the results. here's a sneak peak:

cutest thing ever!! to see more, check out her blog, or to see all 20 images email me or give me your email address in the comments and i'll give you the password to check out the proofs.
if any one needs a good photographer, wendy is your girl!! she was practically doing cartwheels to make sure she got a good smile out of owey. thanks wendy!!


suedy said...

jess! what an adorable picture! email me the password so i can see more please! suedyt@gmail.com

p.s. congrats on your race! i'm so proud of you!

Lauren said...

Adorable! I want to see more too please!

whitty-acres said...

you are welcome, thank you for posting that!


Angelina, John, Mason, Elise McKenna said...

Jess-WHAT A CUTE FAMILY PICUTRE! I would love to see the others.

Michelle said...

Ooh, cute! And I'm admiring your skinny legs too!