Monday, May 26, 2008

drew turns 2 and the cf walk

last saturday we took a break from the packing for 2 fun events- the cf walk and drew's birthday.
we met up with my mom, sister and niece down in mission bay and then with shar and her fam to participate in the great strides for cystic fibrosis walk. miq and i ran the 4 mile course (first time we've ever run together) and it was great. really, really hot, but gorgeous scenery and all for a good cause.

shar and harrison

clint and owey- part of the few who actually walked the whole 4 miles. what troopers!

later on we met up with my fam to celebrate drew's big day. he wasn't feeling very well, but still managed to get in a cupcake and some present opening.
we then took some family pictures of all of us before we head off to never-never land. i don't know where i saved them on my computer, so i will post some when i find them.

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