Monday, October 15, 2007

thank you daryl!!!

those of you who were at my shower may remember my mom's cute, spunky friend daryl who gave me some fabric and then took it back so she could make a quilt for owen. well, i had NO idea how talented she was and soon found out when my mom delivered the finished product on sunday. take a look...

isn't it adorable? check out the details!

she did all of this embroidery and quilting!!

l0oks like owen approves too!

thank you daryl!! WE LOVE IT!!


Mique said...

CuTe! And I think I recognize that little outfit. :) He looks cute in it (especially while asleep :).

Carlie said...

Jess, okay you know how bad I am with technology. I know you sent me a text with your new number but I can't figure out how to retrieve it or know if it's even still there. Email me with it, will ya? I also need your address so I can send you a little lovin for that darling babe.