Wednesday, September 19, 2007


(pretty cool pic huh? those venezuelans...)

my sister mique tagged me on this one. i guess she thinks i'm a real blogger now that i post more than once every 3 months. i've never done one of these, so here goes...

1.) what i was doing ten years ago: just starting my freshman year at byu and loving every last second of it. it seemed impossible to be bored when living in the dorms and making new friends at every turn (who still happen to be GREAT friends!)

2.) five years ago: i can hardly believe it has been this long, but 5 years ago i had just gotten back from my mission to mendoza argentina and was adjusting to post-mish life. by now i would have again been back at byu living in the enclave trying to figure out how to be normal with my friend lauren who had also just gotten back. (it was sooo weird by the way that instantly when i got home, more than 50% of the guys i knew were younger than me. gross.) i would have just started teaching at the mtc (favorite job EVER) and adjusting to my difficult schedule of 3 religion classes, guitar, and voice, and maybe one spanish class. (i figured it was better to come back to school after the mission than go back to nothing!)

3) one year ago: one year ago we had just moved to san diego after a summer's adventure with the ericksons in wyoming. we were renting in oceanside just a few blocks to the beach - i wasn't working, so i was busy trying to be a vegetarian, taking daily strolls down to the pier and the farmer's market, and entertaining my puppy. i was also still trying to get pregnant and hoping to be a mom anyday. we had a lot of fun in oceanside actually, and i really miss being that close to the ocean. (not that i'm complaining now!)

4.) yesterday: (after another LONG walk in hopes of getting owen here a little quicker) my sweet mom felt sorry for me (thanks mom) and took me out to the movies (nanny diaries- cute) and to lunch (einsteins - yummy). it was nice to get out of the house and socialize (the puppy is cute, but doesn't talk much) and of course always nice to spend mommy daughter time. :)

5.) 5 snacks i enjoy: fruit (any kind - i am obsessed with fruit), ice cream, chips and guacamole, cereal, a new favorite - corn salsa

6.) 5 things i would do if i suddenly had $100 million: wow. it's dangerous to let a girl dream like this... first of course, pay EVERYTHING off and save like half of it. then- buy 2 new cars (only after getting rid of the 3 we currently have) - my choice would be a BMW X5 - and clint can get whatever he wants, buy a bigger house with a yard (still here in carmel valley- we love it here), donate to a few favorite charities (autism speaks and the cystic fibrosis foundation) and then seriously, i don't know... i would want to save it all up so that we could be spoiled all the time and not just all at once!

7.) 5 locations i would like to run away to: ooh... europe first for sure (clint and i have never been together), then hawaii (any island), lake powell, yosemite (never been there- it's a shame), the canadian rockies (never been there either).

8.) 5 bad habits i have: sleeping in (i'm sure this will change soon!), biting my nails, leaving messes, putting off laundry as long as possible, worrying.

9.) 5 things i like doing: reading, sewing, cuddling, going to the beach, being with friends and family, eating

10.) 5 TV shows i like: (we don't have cable, but if we did...) the office, scrubs, anything on hgtv, so you think you can dance, animal planet (yes- i'm a dork)

11.) 5 things i hate doing: cleaning, picking up dog poop, having a confrontation, brushing my teeth (just a pregnancy thing - makes me gag still), waking up to pee every 2 hours (also a pregnancy thing)

12.) 5 biggest joys of the moment: umm.... owen, owen, owen, owen, and let me think... owen. (do ya think i'm a little over-focused?one-track mind maybe?)

now i get tag 5 people!

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Madsen Family said...

Yeah! I love early-maternity leave Jess because we get lots of new posts. I am just soaking it all in now because I know things will be changing real soon (and for you sake I hope it's REAL soon:) Keep the posts coming until the baby does!