Friday, September 14, 2007

sneak peek... owen's room

we've been hard at work getting the nursery all set up for owen's arrival - and those of you who know my husband know that this is no small task. he is the decorator in our family after all. after months of debating colors and themes and whatever else, we came to some compromises and I am really happy with the way things have turned out. here is a little preview, but you may just have to come visit once the heart and soul (owen himself) is here to bring it all to life.

believe it or not, i actually came up with this one and i think it turned out super cute. we were debating whether or not we wanted to paint the walls, and my sheer laziness made that decision super easy. i figured it would be easier to accessorize a really neutral backdrop than to find the perfect shade of paint to go with the bedding to go with everything else. (ask our friends amy and aaron who ended up painting their nursery 3 different shades of green before finally finding one that didn't make them want to gag). so, we kept it really simple - left the walls the taupe-y color they already are, added dark brown furniture, plain white bedding ( I have never been a fan of boys bedding- way too many cheesy toy cars and baby animals for my taste) and then found some cute ways to bring in a little personality. i decided i wanted owen's name on the wall, but wanted it to be cute and unique, and thought of this idea. these letters are just cut out of foamboard and then we sprayed them with spray adhesive and wrapped them in cute coordinating fabrics. then we hung a clothes line up and hung each letter with wooden clothespins. i love the look if i may say so myself. not too much, but just enough detail to be darling.

so, these pictures are the other side of the room - and this was clint's vision... i also think it turned out really cool and definitely something Iive never seen before. since we have a vinyl cutter and i married a graphic designer, we can do cool things like this. the tree is all out of vinyl (drawn by clint) and then we decided we would hang pictures off of it of our family - a family tree of sorts. right now the frames are just full of those lovely pictures that come in them from the store, but soon they will have pictures of our squishy little guy and the rest of the fam. cute, huh?

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Mique said...

What a beauty. It looks great! Can't wait to see it IN PERSON. And I'm glad you and Clint eventually came to a compromise........