Saturday, September 22, 2007


i really wish i had a stamp like this right now so that i could plaster it across my forehead. everywhere i go random strangers stop me and ask when i'm due. "today" is kind of a bummer to say over and over again. can't wait till tomorrow at church when i get to say "yesterday."

i know, i know... i haven't posted since wednesday and here it is saturday and some of you may be thinking, "hooray! she's had the baby and been put out of her misery!" sad to say... you are very wrong.
i have been saying "september 22nd" since uh... january now, and here it is september 22nd. just another day. how anti-climactic!

i have not totally lost it yet- yes i have cleaned my house several times (clint thinks i'm "nesting" however i think he is wrong. you see, i am not compelled to clean in the least - i am just hoping the strenuous scrubbing will put me into labor!), yes i have probably walked 15 to 20 miles this week (mind you the most exercise i've done since finding out i was pregnant), i have cried a few times (last night for instance because we didn't go to dinner where i wanted to go even though i didn't tell clint where i wanted to go... i swear- he deserves the purple heart or something), and i have packed and repacked my hospital bag at least 3 times.
yesterday out of sheer boredom i went to the library (i got a card last week another day when i was bored), but since i already have a really long book i'm reading i thought it might be fun to rent a few dvd's (one's that i wouldn't subject anyone else to watch with me, but just to have some noise around the house). turns out the library doesn't have the best selection of movies, so here's what i ended up with:
(don't laugh- i am temporarily insane remember?)

1. Clueless (already watched it yesterday and had major flashbacks)

2. The Lakehouse (yes, i know it has Keanu Reeves in it and that is a major risk, but it's a risk i'm willing to take... i'm bored, remember?)

3. Kramer vs. Kramer (I know NOTHING about this movie except that it won a lot of awards and is rated PG - which nowadays would be nothing short of a miracle)

4. Tootsie (no, i'm not obsessed with Dustin Hoffman in his younger years. when i saw the dvd on the shelf i remembered a friend from middle school that i have not talked to since middle school who always said it was her favorite- and now, 15 years later, i have decided to believe her.)

and last but not least (and this is my favorite to admit here in the public blogging world)

5. YOU GOT SERVED. (yep - you heard me right. clint and i always make fun of this movie even though we've never seen it just because it has possibly the most ridiculous title of all time. so naturally, i had to get it.)

so, movie marathons it is until the little guy comes because i have pretty much run out of things to do (or clean). wish me luck!


Lauren said...

Jess, I SO feel your pain! Avery was a week late. And, as fun as it was to tell people I was due three days ago or whatever, I thought I was going to die. I started to think that she was never going to come...literally...that's what it felt like. The doctor stripped my membranes twice and nothing happened. Then, everyone around me was having their babies two weeks early and I thought it was so unfair. I too cried and took lots of walks. I know this doesn't help, but they come when they want. It is their first act of defiance or use of free agency. Which ever way you look at it :) Anyways, Good Luck and leave me a comment on my blog sometime! :)

Madsen Family said...

Jess....I think that the best thing to do with your time is to watch silly movies that you get from the library. I really think you have no alternative. I love to movie scour at the library, myself. I'll give you a few recommendations: Chocolat (great film), High School Musical (you've just gotta), Pride and Prejudice (I'm sure you've seen the A&E version and the Keira Knightley version but have you seen the five-hour BBC version?), and finally Forrest Gump (on oldie but a goodie). Those are just some of the treasures I've found at the bibliotheca. I really DO hope that you rent these movies, but that they become good films to enjoy while giving BIRTH or while recovering from BIRTH. Either way you look at it, I just hope you are giving BIRTH some time soon!