Tuesday, October 14, 2008


a sneak peek at what i've been working on...
thanks so much friends for your interest! i am grateful for good friends who make it easier and more fun to do good things. now, for a few details:
1. start sewing/crocheting/knitting, whatever it is you do! i have already started on blanket #1 and have plans for others in the works. again, the only real stipulation is that they are handmade and made in a smoke-free environment. size and shape is up to you! if you need ideas, there is a list of patterns here and again, i will be posting tutorials to help.
2. please update us on your progress (send pictures!) at linuschristmas@gmail.com. i will post your pics on my blog as i get them. i think it will be really fun to see what everyone is working on.
3. as you finish your blankets, you can either:
  • find a local chapter of project linus to send/bring them to or
  • send them to me (email me for address) and i will bring them to the local chapter here.
4. spread the word! lets see how many blankets we can make by christmas!
5. have fun! i hope this is something that we can all enjoy and feel good about.
thanks again. i am already feeling inspired and invigorated by this project. just what i need as winter creeps in around here!

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Me and My Boys said...

I Love it! I will totally make a blanket. I don't knit and it's been a long time since I crochett...?(is that right?) but I will gladly sew one. Thanks for getting us in the spirit of giving.