Tuesday, September 23, 2008

thank you for not breaking up with me...

you are too kind.
but look at me... two days in a row! i told you i could change!
just some random stuff that's been going on around here lately:

1. did you see this on tlc the other night?'

i seriously was glued to the tv. i don't know why, but these girls absolutely fascinated me. could you imagine being attached to your sister every second of every day for your entire life? i mean, don't get me wrong... i love my sister (love you miq!), but wow. that's just crazy. college? careers? not to mention boyfriends/marriage, etc? AKWARD!! ok, enough about that.
2. a big milestone is just around the corner for us and i am sort of in denial. thursday is a big day around here... the little man turns ONE and i am just trying to figure out what in the world happened to the last year!? anyhow- we are in "party"-prep mode around here as we get ready for family to be in town this weekend - all the way from CA and WY. owey is one lucky boy to have so many admirers. just a little peek - here are the invites that went out last week:

i think they turned out pretty dang cute if i may say so myself. don't be disappointed that you didn't get one - i knew you wouldn't really feel like coming to rexburg for the day.
3. update on #2: overall, this pregnancy is sooooo much easier than my first. really, i don't feel that well all the time, but nothing like what i felt with owey. so, i have no room to complain. some days are harder than others, and sometimes i am grateful for the disney channel when i just can't even get up off the couch, but i am just so happy that things are not worse. i am shocked at how quickly i am showing (something about those stomach muscles being stretched to oblivion, then sliced open and sewn back together makes them a little more loosey-goosey than i might prefer) and i'm a bit embarassed that the young girls in my ward who are 5 months pregnant don't look near as pregnant as i do at 14.5 (yes, still counting halves) weeks. oh well. i am pretty much resigned to the fact that my body will never be the same again. and i am totally ok with that. it's so worth it - stretch marks and all.
i did actually get to see the little gummy bear (seriously - a 10 week old fetus looks exactly like a dancing gummy bear in an ultra sound) a few weeks ago and that was really awesome. i didn't get to see owen until 20 weeks, so i was shocked when the dr. went in for the kill (if you know what i mean) at my first appointment - and thrilled to see that little wiggly baby, healthy and happy as can be. now, the real ultrasound isn't for another 5 weeks, and i can hardly wait. i still kind of think it's a girl, but i'm not so certain now as i was in the beginning. we shall see.
have i bored you yet?
ok, i'll go. thanks for hanging in there...


Lauren said...

I love reading your randomness. no boredom here! That is seriously the cutest birthday invitation ever! I love the picture of Owen! I can't believe he is 1 already. Crazy! How's the photography coming? Did you ever get a new lens?

Julia said...

the invitation (which I saw on Miq's blog too) is sooo cute!