Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i guess the party's over...

what a fun weekend in celebration of our boy! (be prepared for LOTS of pictures...)

(yes, i know he will hate me someday for this hat...)
it started with a little family celebration and as the weekend came upon us the family kept getting bigger and bigger.

presents decorated a'la mom and dad

chubby little fingers excited to get to those cars!
lucky us, grammy and papa (my mom and dad) rolled in thursday afternoon to wish owey a happy day. he was so excited to see them and even greeted grammy with a 20 minute snuggle (if you know owey, you know how VERY rare that is since the boy NEVER sits still.)

sweet boy - lucky grammy
we were so grateful they came from so far away to celebrate with us. we spent the next few days spoiling him as much as possible with presents (mostly boring ones like clothes since he doesn't even know the difference), trips to the park, yummy food, etc.

at the park with grammy

saturday was the big day of the party. all the ericksons (minus clint's brother) made the long trek out here to join in on the festivities. i was a little nervous that they would be bored out of their minds around here and we couldn't let that happen after everyone came so far to wish owen a happy birthday. so, we tried our best to entertain, and i think everyone had a good time. o sure did (though you can't tell by most of the pictures ... i promise he smiles... a lot... just not when he sees a camera!) we ended up having pizza for lunch,
mmm... pizza

and then went to bear world- something i knew would entertain all the cousins.

at the petting zoo

this picture is right before this deer totally head-butted owey

on the train at bear world

look mom! a baby bear!!

papa bear

baby bear

chasing chickens

afterwards, we just came back for cake and ice cream and more presents.
can you tell we don't exactly all fit in our tiny apartment?
by the end of the day, we were all exhausted, but so sad to see family go home and the party come to a close. good news is, the birthday boy is ours to keep!

do you think he liked it?


Holly said...

What a cute birthday hat!!! That is so nice of your family to make the trek out to visit with Owen on his special day! I bet you were in heaven! Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday Owen!!!

Mom said...

So fun!!!! We loved being there!!! We love you all so much!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness Jessica, you are so creative! I love the hat and the cupcakes. TOO CUTE! Such a fun mom you are! :)

Lauren said...

I was hoping you would post more pictures of the big day. Everything looks adorable! and I love Owen's shoes. So cute!

Lacey in the Sky said...

I Came over from your sister's blog! Your boy is so handsome! I absolutely LOVE his cake and cupcake decorations! So clever! & How cute are his presents wrapped?! I bet he had the happiest first birthday ever!

Summer's World said...

We just went to Bear World- yes, the very same one and Avery is wearing that red striped shirt TODAY-yes the very same one and I have that blue booster seat- yes the very same one! We are soul sistas, sista. We need to get together sometime seeing I live 3 hours from Rexburg!