Thursday, April 10, 2008

spring has sprung.

sometimes i forget about the seasons since i live here in the land where the weather is beautiful year around. but how could you possibly forget that spring is here when you have this amazing sight a few miles away:

the carlsbad flower fields. truly a sight to behold. can you believe that even though i have lived in san diego most of my life i had never visited the flower fields until yesterday? i know. sacrilege.
i took so many pictures, but it is just sooo gorgeous! these are all ranuncula by the way. and from the top of the field (picture above) you also get an ocean view. talk about a cherry on top!

amy and i decided we had to take the kids (not that they even knew where we were, but hey, at least it was colorful!) and so we strapped them to us and took the little tractor pulled wagon ride around the fields.

our tractor - john deere of course.

i love the stripes!

doesn't it just make you want to frolic?

and a few of the funniest parts of the outing - i think it was senior citz day at the flower fields. it was great because every single one of them got such a kick out of the babies and just had to pinch their little cheeks. you know they are missing their grandkids. also, every one kept asking us if owey and audra were twins (which is funny because they look nothing alike) and then the others were asking if amy and i were sisters. the best was this little old lady who was seriously like 95 - with a walker, cotton balls in her ears, lipstick drawn on, and who could hardly see - she insisted on helping amy put her baby carrier on. it was sooo funny, i had to get a picture. (her poor back!)

we also got a kick out of this guy. not the best picture because i was trying to be sneaky, but he was randomly set up with his little peruvian flute and a microphone attached to his face and was jamming like he was a rockstar. awesome.

welcome spring!


Tracie said...

I love the flower fields there. I have tons of pictures of my brother and Randy as missionaries there, but I have never been. Just waved from the freeway! Thanks for the pictures. We didn't get much rain here and our bluebonnets are few and far between!

Carlie said...

Spring hasn't sprung here! I can't wait!!!

Mary said...

All those flowers could cheer somebody up from having cold weather like over here in Maine. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Angelina said...

Wow I love the flowers, your blog always is so much fun & colorful.