Friday, April 25, 2008

dear son,

i know you just want to be a big boy, but can't you stay little just a while longer?
i know that crawling is just sooo slow and that you would rather learn to walk, but really? isn't it more fun to sit in one place sometimes instead of roaming the whole house finding the dog toys to chew on, or worse, the dog food?
i know that you are sooo sick of rice cereal already and would much rather have whatever i have in my mouth, but you are still a baby, you know.
i know, i know, 7 months is sooo grown up, but don't you think you could let me cuddle you and hold you while you sleep for just a little bit?

i'm so glad you still let me rock you.
and kiss you whenever i want.
and laugh at me when i'm silly.
and give me your best smile every once in a while.
and light up when dad comes home.

and even though you are now 7 months old, and sooo grown up, you will always be my baby boy.
love you owey o.
love, mom.


Mom said...

Such a cute baby boy. (I do have the cutest Grandkids!!!!) I'm glad he smiles at grammy too, although not as big ans when he sees mommy. Don't grow up too fast. Then again, the faster he grows up, the faster mom and Dad will be back in So. Cal (I HOPE!!!)

Michelle said...

Ah, what a sweet baby boy. He's just yummy!

I'm glad you found my blog but just a wee bit sorry for you that you are moving to a cold and snowy place!