Friday, April 25, 2008

dear friends,

i am so sorry i tricked you into thinking i was pregnant.
it was funny thought right?
i am even more sorry that my last post was not a trick, but in fact we really are moving to rexburg in 34 days. (holy schnikies!)
i am also really sorry that i am a bit of a murmurer when it comes to leaving the sun and the beach and my family and that i probably whine too much when i should instead look on the bright side. sorry you all have to hear about it, and sorry clint. you know i love you and would follow you pretty much anywhere. (but let's not get carried away, now.)
i am not sorry, however that i do have awesome friends.
thanks for laughing at me.
thanks for telling me it will all be ok.
thanks for the assurance that in the end, this is the best thing for us.
thanks for encouraging me to be supportive and keep my chin up.
thanks for reminding me that the time will go by fast and the snow will melt. (will it really?)
i am also not sorry that no matter where we are, this little family will be happy together and will make the best of the next adventure.
because as you all know, we are always up for an adventure.

love you, you're the greatest.


whitney said...

you're awesome jess.

Amanda said...

Jess... you are awesome. A joker... but awesome! I am glad to be your cousin!

Aaron & Jill said...

Look forward to you being a little closer...eventually. ;-)